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What is “100 Thousand Exchange Alliance”?

“100 Thousand Exchange Alliance”, launched by EXX, is a late-model exchange project pioneered in the globe. By lowering the admittance threshold, it encourages the EXX members to participate the building of transaction depth in EXX and presents an one stop trading service platform for the worldwide users with easier entry, better service and greater liquidity.

In “100 Thousand Exchange Alliance”, benefiting from the techniques, popularity and eco-advantages of EXX platform, all EXX members can establish their world-class exchanges, except for that, they will also push forward the globalization of the exchange alliance and achieve the all-win development with EXX global ecosystem.

Advantages of 100 Thousand Exchange Alliance

Super Low Threshold

Every one can set up a top exchange

Convenient Joining

The fastest online application only needs 5 minutes

Low Cost & High Income

Enjoy 15% lifelong promotion rebates

Professional Team Assistance

One to one support from word-class exchanges

All-Win Development for Alliance

100 thousand exchange allies share the accomplishment


The applicant is required to be a real-name authenticated user in EXX with at least 100 available ET holdings, of which 100 ET will be deducted as the fee after the station is established. The eligible applicant will receive the result online and then go to the next step.

Basic Info

First fill in the name and logo of your exchange. Next select a nice domain and a favorite style of the exchange. Then an impressive brand icon will be built which guides the traders pick you up from the vast ocean of exchanges.

Station Setting

The applicant can customize the exchange and set up various transaction pairs. The depth of EXX 100 Thousand Exchange Alliance and the establishment of exchange can be only completed in a few clicks.

Establish Successfully

When the establishment is completed, the founder successfully becomes a part of the EXX 100 Thousand Exchange Alliance. The founder can spread and promote the station site in “My Station” to the users, which will turn you into an important role in EXX global ecosystem.

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